Roll Out What You Need,
When You Need It

Upgrade Your Home & Cabinets
with Roll Out Shelves.

Call 916-331-4991
Call 916-331-4991

Your cabinets weren’t built
with you in mind.

Cabinets are designed with hard-to-reach spaces.

How often do you dread cooking because you know you will need to dig through your cabinets to find what you need?

What if you could get exactly what you need when you need it easily—everything in its place?

Upgrade every inch of your cabinets into functional space with our custom pull out shelf solutions.

CALL 916-331-4991

Create convenience and order
with every cabinet in your home.

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Schedule a
Design Session

We’ll measure your cabinets
and provide a custom bid.

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We’ll Install Your
Roll Out Shelves.

Proudly show off the inside of your cabinets. It’s all organized!

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Enjoy convenience
in every cabinet.

No more bending, digging, snooping to find what you need!

Call 916-331-4991
Call 916-331-4991
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“It’s the best thing we’ve done to our home! We love our shelves.”


Functionality gives you more time to do what you love.

When everything you need is at arm’s reach, you’ll never be far from what matters most. For over 25 years, we’ve helped homeowners upgrade their cabinets with various slide out and pull out shelves.

We love adding functionality to homes because it means:

  • More Cooking

  • More Memories

  • More Traditions

  • More Orderly Spaces

  • More Time

  • More Enjoying Your Home

Call 916-331-4991
Call 916-331-4991
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Custom Crafted for Your Cabinets

100% Satisfaction Guaranty and Lifetime Warranty

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High Quality Materials

We choose the highest quality to design your custom Roll Out Shelves.

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Dovetailed Joints

For the strongest joint, our craftsman dovetails every connection point.

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Durable Drawer Guides

Easily slide your Roll Out Shelves in and out with our durable hardware.

Call 916-331-4991
Call 916-331-4991
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• 10 Roll Out Shelves for $1391 $1195!
• 12 Roll Out Shelves for $1619 $1395!

Our Pull Out Shelf Options

Every cabinet is different, let’s make the most of every inch.

With one glance, you’ll know what to order for a recipe.

Caddy shelves allow you to use the valuable space around the pipes.

No more digging in the back of a cabinet, Roll Out what you need.

Even your corner cabinets will function as valuable storage again.

Call 916-331-4991
Call 916-331-4991

Questions About Our Pull Out Shelving Systems?

We’re always happy to answer questions for you!

Yes!  Our roll out and sliding shelf options are easy to install onto an existing shelf with just 4 screws.  You receive a fully assembled Roll Out Shelf with installation instructions and hardware.  We ship these all over the US and they can be shipped right to your door.

The DIY option is $10 less per Standard Roll Out Shelf.

If you are in the local area, you can pick them up from us in North Highlands.

Otherwise, we can ship them directly to you.

Schedule a Design Session Today!

We know you want to be proud of your space. In order to do that, you want your cabinets to work for you, not against you.

The problem is cabinets are designed with hard-to-reach spaces which can make you feel overwhelmed every time you open your cabinets and not find what you need.

We believe your home should function well with everything at arms reach.

We understand what it’s like to dig through cabinets on your hands and knees looking for the right item.

That’s why for over 30 years, we’ve provided quality roll-out shelves to transform the functionality of all of the cabinets in your home.

Here’s how we do it:
1. Schedule a Consultation
2. We’ll Install Your New Rollout Shelves
3. Make Every Cabinet Count

So, schedule a Design Consultation today!

You can stop losing valuable cabinet space and needing to dig through your cabinets every time you want to find something. Instead, turn every inch of your cabinet storage into
functional and efficient storage, while increasing your organization, with a custom pull-out shelf solution!

But don’t take our word for it, read what Roxanna Summers had to say:

“All Organized – as far as I am concerned – is a dream company to work with. They offer genuine personalized service – calls are returned promptly (they even remember your name), estimates are scheduled promptly (Paul even waited for me when I was a few minutes late to the appointment), and costs are completely affordable (I was actually told how I could save money).

After my initial experience with All Organized, and now living with the convenience of roll out shelves, my only regret is not contacting All Organized and having them installed sooner. I would highly recommend that if you have thought about installing roll out shelves, do not hesitate a moment longer. Call All Organized and make that happen!”

Our in-home design appointment usually takes about 45 min to 1 hour.

Once you place an order, we schedule your installation day & time. Usually about 3-4 weeks from the time you order we are back to install.

Installing pull-out shelves and other sliding shelf storage options usually takes 1 ½ – 4 hours depending on the number of shelves you order.  Sometimes for larger jobs, it can take up to 6 hours.  We are usually done within one day.

All Organized is family-owned and operated by Chris & Paul Upton.  We have been in business since 1975. We have been manufacturing and installing various pull-out shelving systems for cabinets in the Greater Sacramento area for over 25 years and have thousands of satisfied customers.

We are located in the North Highlands area just north of McClellan. We service the Greater Sacramento area including parts of Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Yuba, Sutter, and Solano counties.

Schedule a Design Session Today

We know everyone is human, so here’s our guarantee in plain English:

If you overload, overstress, or misuse your pull out shelves and they break – that’s on you! If you use the pull out shelves in the way they’re designed and there is a problem with them – we got your back! See our product warranty description here! 

Well, believe it or not…this is the one thing we don’t have a great answer for.

If you enjoy hearing the sweet sounds of cracking knees, the pain-filled cries, and the resounding groans as you bend and stoop day after day to grab what you need then we simply salute you and wish you the best of luck.

If you’re ready to schedule a FREE in-home design session with our team and you will be one step closer to feeling like you’ve got a kitchen you love!

Our shelf sides are made with the highest quality nine-ply Baltic Birch with a UV finish that is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

The bottoms are melamine which is moisture and scratch-resistant, they won’t warp or sag.

The standard drawer guides are ¾ extension and will hold up to 100 lbs.   The ¾ extension guides extend out of the opening except for about 5.5” and still allows you to reach anything at the back of the shelf.

Our Full Extension drawer guides also hold 100 lbs. and will extend all the way out of the opening.

We service the Greater Sacramento area and Northern California including:

Antelope, Auburn, Cameron Park/Shingle Springs, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, City of Sacramento, Davis, Elk GroveEl Dorado HillsFair Oaks, Fairfield, Folsom, Gold River, LincolnOrangevaleRancho CordovaRocklinRosevilleVacaville, West Sacramento, and other surrounding areas.

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