Product Warranty

Roll Out Shelves, by All Organized are manufactured using quality materials to exact tolerances.

So, what does that mean?
Basically, we use incredibly strong and high-quality stuff so you can enjoy pullout shelves with confidence. It means we want you to pull out your shelves over and over again each and every day without having to worry something might go wrong.

What materials make your pull out shelves so durable, and how do your pull out shelves glide with such ease?
We use a nine-ply Baltic birch with a UV finish, a melamine laminate and top-of-the-line metal drawer guides on every pull out shelf so you have shelves that glide to perfection.

The drawer guides we use on every Roll Out Shelf we build are designed to hold up to 100 lbs. That’s a whole bunch of pots and pans, crockpots, and even your average 3rd grader* (*please don’t try to sit your kid on your pull out shelves…it’s a joke, not a challenge!). While our guides are strong, they aren’t bullet-proof. Your installer and designer can answer any questions about weight and items to avoid storing. If you feel you need our “Heavy Duty” drawer guides, just ask your designer for them and we will custom order them for you!

So what are the limits to our lifetime warranty?
Here’s the fancy language: materials are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of twenty years from the date of purchase. Full extension drawer guides are warranted for three years. Any material with manufacturing defects as determined by All Organized will be replaced at no charge. Return of the defective item may be required by All Organized. All Organized is not responsible for improper installation by consumer, overloading, or misuse of product, and is not responsible for consequential damage from the use of Roll Out Shelves.

Is there anything you don’t cover?
We do not warranty any products that are not produced by All Organized in our manufacturing warehouse. Items like recycle centers, Twisty-Susans, and wire basket cabinet storage solutions are all produced by third-party manufacturers. They will have their own warranty details. If you need to contact the manufacturer of those items contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with them. Our warranty covers the things we make. Mainly pull out shelves we lovingly refer to as Roll Out Shelves by All Organized.

What does that all mean in English?
We know everyone is human. And humans like to push boundaries, test limits, and sometimes use things the wrong way. That’s why there are warning labels on irons saying, “don’t iron your clothes while wearing them!

If you overload, overstress, or misuse your pull out shelves and they break – that’s on you! If you use the pull out shelves in the way they’re designed and there is a problem with them – we got your back!

Can I transfer the warranty?
This Warranty is good for the original purchaser of the product and only if installation is performed by All Organized. You may contact All Organized at 916-331-4991 with any questions or concerns about your product.

Why put a warranty on your pull out shelves if they’re so good?
In our 25+ years of building, installing, and providing quality Roll Out Shelves in the valley we’ve only had a handful of people need us to come back and fix issues with their pull out shelves. That’s pretty good when you think about the nearly 30,000+ shelves we’ve produced and installed so far!

At All Organized we believe you should have pull out shelves that glide, roll, and store your common household and kitchen items properly. We believe you shouldn’t worry about purchasing pull out shelves and never having someone there to help after they’re installed. We believe in treating our customers like family.